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Starpack 2017, Silver Award 2017, Clifton Packaging Group Ltd.

Bulk Quad Bag for Rice

Clifton Packaging Group Ltd

To significantly save time and therefore costs in the packaging process whilst simultaneously allowing the client to be more responsive to supermarket’s demands and proffered opportunities

Innovation highlights

Starpack 2017, Silver Award 2017, Clifton Packaging Group Ltd.
Rice was previously packaged in either a paper bag or jute sack after being manhandled from larger bulky sacks. It was a labour intensive process as well as one that often caused injuries due to the heavy lifting and repetitive nature of the work. The slow, manual packaging process meant that the client wasn’t able to respond to supermarket’s demands and proffered opportunities such as gondola bag offers due to short lead-times.

Clifton Packaging Group Ltd was asked to develop a solution. The response was to design and manufacture the Bulk Quad Bag for Rice – the first flexible quad pouch manufactured for film-on-the-reel onsite at a UK company. This flexible plastic quad pouch looks like a rice sack but allows successful automation of the process for the client. The client now has the ability to make their own bags from film-on-the-reel, fill and pallet them and has total flexibility to respond to supermarkets demands and opportunities including gondola bag offers.

It is important to note that the design, development and manufacture of the Bulk Quad Bag for Rice all took place in the UK. By successfully automating the process the client has also been able to significantly reduce the time and labour intensity involved in his product meaning a reduction in his costs which, in turn, has enabled him to be more profitable and more competitive.

Clifton Packaging Group Ltd had to ensure that the packaging and automation process suited the food based product being handled. Over and above this the opportunities that the project presented were to extend shelf life and create eye-catching packaging aimed at standing out on the shelf whilst being easily transportable by consumers.

The packaging is far more vibrant, includes metallic colours, and incorporates handles in the bags for consumers’ ease of use. The product also lasts far longer in the pack than in the previous paper bag or jute sack packaging. The client has a choice of over 50 different designs/brands.

This product offers clear benefits to:

  • The client, who saves money on the shop floor by automating a previously labour intensive packaging process which gave – at best – inconsistent results
  • End consumers who enjoy an easier to handle product which retains its freshness for longer
  • Suppliers who enjoy a more cost competitive product

Project Team
Shahid Sheikh OBE, Managing Director, Clifton Packaging Group Ltd
Shane D’Souza, Technical / R and D Director

Judges’ Comments
A well explained entry, clearly detailing the benefits of the packaging solution and the production methods.

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