Retort Range

Retort Range

Retort Pouches can store seafood, pet food, soups and sources to meat and ready to eat meals.

This can be with or without barrier and foil and can be printed up to 8 colours. They are easy to handle and great to store at room temperatures for dry foods. They are easy to open and easy to dispose. Retort Pouches can be heated with hot liquid for about 2 to 6 minutes as heat can hit the Retort Pouches more efficient than cans. A euro slot or punch hole can be placed.

Some different plastics layers used in Retort Pouches which include;

  • polyester (PET)provides a gloss and rigid layer, may be printed inside
  • nylon (bi-oriented polyamide)provides puncture resistance
  • aluminium (Al)provides a very thin but effective gas barrier
  • food-grade cast polypropylene (CPP)used as the sealing layer

Retort Pouches

  • Stand up or flat pack options available – depending on application.
  • In house design service.
  • Printed options available.
  • Plain options available.
  • Wide range of materials.
  • Wide range of pouch widths and heights available.
  • Produced onsite for fast turnarounds.
  • Supplied ready made.

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