Quad Seal Pouches

Quad Seal Pouches

Quad Seal Pouches are free-standing bags that lend themselves to numerous applications including; biscuits, nuts, pulses, pet food and much more. The pouch can have either a gloss or matt finish and an optional carry handle for ease of handling heavier bags.

Furthermore, they can be printed using up to 8 colours with a customisation of logo, design and information with an attractive visual appearance.

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  • More space for product information which enhances the packaging.
  • Ideal for snacks for example; biscuit, nuts, lentils, Pet food
  • Better presentation on shelf due to the 4 side sealed edges
  • Ideal for stacking with folded and glue bottom
  • Ideal for showing information and artwork on the flat bottom with folded and glue bottom when stacking

Quad Seal Pouches, Clifton Packaging Group, established 1981