Fin/lap Seal bags

Fin/lap Seal bags

A Fin Seal also known as “Fold-over Seam”, is where both interior edges of the film are sealed together and then the fin is folded over. Lap Seal also known as “Overlap Seam”, is where the exterior of the film is sealed onto the interior of the film. The choice of seal is determined by the packaging material.

Packs can be supplied as ready-made pillow packs, side gusseted bags or as film on reel. Euro slot is optional. The packs can be produced in a number of different sizes and can be produced in a wide range of materials.

Furthermore, they can be printed using up to 8 colours with a customisation of logo, design, and information with an attractive visual appearance.

Fin/Lap Seal Pouches - Clifton Packaging Group, established 1981

  • In-house design service.
  • Printed options available.
  • Plain options available.
  • Wide range of materials.
  • Wide range of sizes available.
  • Euroslots and Handles.
  • Produced onsite for fast turnarounds.
  • Fin Seal or Lap Seal options.