Ovenable Film

Ovenable Film

Following on from our Antibac coated lidding film which we launched in December 2014 to eradicate Campylobacter in the upstream supply chain. Clifton can now offer an Ovenable Roasting Bag whereby the chicken is only required to be handled, once fully cooked.

One Bird, One Oven, One Solution
Clifton Packaging Group, established 1981

With 25% of UK shoppers’ not happy touching raw poultry, our Ovenable Roasting Bag allows the consumer to put the raw protein in the oven without touching the meat directly until fully cooked and ready for serving.

Even more protection against Campylobacter bacteria.

Published in The Guardian May 28th from a year-long testing program by the FSA the survey found 7% of the birds tested carried levels of bacteria on the outside of the packaging, our Ovenable Roasting Bag + our Antibac coating embedded to the surface can offer a highly reduced option to bacteria free cooking. Clifton can supply Ovenable film as film on the reel or as a pre-made bag all of which is manufactured in house; these can be produced plain or printed in HD Flexo for increased shelf and marketing presence.

Compliant and safe to use. Our ovenable film is stringently tested for more information please contact our technical Director for more queries Shane@cliftonpackaging.co.uk

Benefits of the pouch

Reduces the risk of the most common cause of food borne illness in the UK, with chicken being the highest culprit.
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Limits cross contamination from pack to pack whilst shopping in store with our added Antibac on the outside.

By adding a sauce at the manufacturer, it’s convenient to just place the chicken in the oven and your time can then be utilised elsewhere whilst the chicken roasts in the oven.

Produces a succulent, but well browned chicken without being handled.

Enables other categories of raw protein to be cooked without being directly handled i.e. fish.

Our other Made2Cook range are our Made2Cook Pouches.

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