Biomaster / Antibac AGP (Active Guard Protection)

Antibac AGP. Clifton Packaging Group, established 1981

How effective is Biomaster / Antibac AGP coated film?

Very. Biomaster / Antibac AGP is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by 99.99%.

Is Biomaster / Antibac AGP film safe?

Yes. It is based on silver ion technology, recognized for centuries with no harmful effects.
Antibac additive is used in medical, food and water applications.

What’s the difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial?

An antimicrobial inhibits the growth of, or destroys harmful Micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and moulds. Antibacterial specifically prevents the growth of bacteria.

Antibac AGP. Clifton Packaging Group, established 1981

Has Biomaster / Antibac AGP film been tested?

Yes, Biomaster / Antibac AGP is tested to ISO 22196:2011 standards against common organism such as Campylobacter, E.coli, Listeria,
MRSA, Pseudomonas & Salmonella. Our independently tested laboratory results can be made available on request.

How long is Biomaster / Antibac AGP effective for?

Biomaster / Antibac AGP is effective for the intended lifetime of the Product it’s added to. It is encapsulated into the film with a special
lacquer coating and so that it doesn’t wear off or leach out easily. We have a case study of this technology used for Water
pipes which have been tested 7 years later and still exhibit antibac properties.

Does Biomaster / Antibac AGP affect a product in any way?

No. You can’t see, smell or even taste Biomaster / Antibac AGP.

Is Biomaster / Antibac AGP effective against antibiotic-resistant Bacteria?

Yes. Biomaster / Antibac AGP has been proven to be affective to Antibiotic- resistant bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and
Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE).

How do I know if a product is Biomaster / Antibac AGP protected and can it be verified?

Yes, our product contains a covert taggant/ tracer which permit verification of its presence in the finished product via an
audible/ visual detector which we can supply. Therefore it is possible to carry out a non-destructive test (NDT) and can be
implemented into your QC / HACCP procedures.

Antibac AGP. Clifton Packaging Group, established 1981
Antibac AGP. Clifton Packaging Group, established 1981







Does Biomaster / Antibac AGP use Nano-silver technology?

No. Our technology is NOT based on nano-silver. The average size of our particle is 2μm which is 12,500 times as large as nano-silver particles.

Why Biomaster / Antibac AGP is better than other silver based antimicrobial additives?

This same technology pioneered the use of antimicrobial additives, and remains the recognized leader and most trusted
supplier of antimicrobial technology for polymers, textiles, paper, paints and coatings.

Information as provided by Biomaster