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The Grocer, Clifton Packaging Group LTD.

“We’re passionate about packaging and in delivering quality, competitive and leading edge packaging solution”

Clifton Packaging is a multi-award winning, innovative, complete flexible packaging company which predicts the continued importance of innovation for clients. Shahid Sheik, MD of Clifton Packaging says: “Innovation has been the bedrock for our significant growth as well as enabling us to build a reliable reputation across the UK packaging market.

“lnnovation has given us world firsts including the industry shaping Antibac Active Guard Protection Lidding Film, Antibac Pouch and 2nd Generation Antibac Coating with lnbuilt Tracer which permanently inhibits microbial growth on films. After extensive independent laboratory testing our antibacterial film coatings are proven to reduce bacteria by 99.8%.


  • AGP Antibac Plus Tracer (2nd Generation)
  • Made2Cook range
    • OVENCERT films (225°C/2 hours)
  • One Touch MAP Squeeze Pouch
  • Bespoke Shaped Stand Up Pouches

“We also developed the first of its type in the UK: the One Touch CAP Squeeze Pouch for a chilled fresh wet protein application and worked with SAB Miller on a global first with the Hopcraft Project which saw her beer being pulled over fresh hops contained in a dispensing pouch to give the beer one final burst of hop flavour as it hit the glass.”

Clifton Packaging also prides itself on its speed of response to clients both existing and brand new. Sheikh adds: “Recently we were able to help out Livia’s Kitchen who were launching a new product -Biccy Boms. Having been severely let down by an overseas packaging supplier we stepped in and in just seven days printed, manufactured and delivered the pouches which meant Livia was able to fulfil her major store listings.

“lt’s what we do. It’s what we’re here for. We’re passionate about packaging and in delivering quality, competitive and leading-edge packaging solutions.”

The Grocer, Clifton Packaging Group LTD.