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SAB Miller approached Clifton Packaging for help create ‘a revolutionary way to experience beer’. Shane led the team that researched and brainstormed ideas that ultimately became the finished product that was approved for release by SAB Miller.
Shane was personally responsible for suggesting the idea and creating a pack which;

  • Is a new concept in fresh hop beer finishing and a global first for the industry.
  • Is the first multi spouted pouch
  • Comprises a sealed perforated sachet (Teabag) containing the hops whilst allowing the beer to flow over them thereby picking up their flavour
  • Has the sachet fastened into the pouch to secure it from moving and floating around.

Shane also proposed the idea of an outer branded sleeve being added complete with perforated header card which is presented to the customer so he/she can learn more about the product.

It took a further 6 months before a complete prototype was presented, but Shane’s initial research and presentation ensured that the whole team kept faith and worked to ensure that the prototype was a success.