Clifton Packaging hosts Michigan State University students

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Packaging News, Clifton Packaging Group LTD.

A delegation of students and teachers from Michigan State University have visited Clifton Packaging to gain a deeper understanding of the flexible market.

Packaging News, Clifton Packaging Group LTD.

Michigan State University is thought to be the largest provider of packaging degree students in the world – with over 750 on campus at present.

The group are on a UK-wide tour, visiting numerous factories and attending lectures.

They toured the facility in Leicester and were given an overview of the company as well as the flexible packaging market by the team at Clifton Packaging.

In a letter to Shahid Sheikh, managing director at Clifton Packaging, Ronald Iwaszkiewicz, lead co-ordinator, School of Packaging, Michigan State University, said: "The students enjoyed and picked up a lot of knowledge on the flexible market. I was amazed at your growth but not surprised."

One of the students, Kathleen Mickunas, said: "The most memorable part of the day was visiting the plant and going on a tour. It was very interesting to see how the process worked first hand instead of just hearing about it.

"It really helped me look at the kind of packaging I am interested in. seeing a new kind of packaging process allowed me to figure out what field I fit best in. It is always beneficial to learn about new designs and innovations."

Another student, Mia Gurizzian, said: "My favourite topic was about how Clifton packaging came to be. The story is truly amazing. The passion, focus, and drive Shahid had and still does is very enlightening."

Sheikh added: “For Clifton it is always a pleasure to be able to communicate to the youth the depth of our knowledge within the flexible packaging sector as we have one of the largest range of product offerings within our industry.

"We just love working with the next generation and sharing all forms of knowledge transfer, either via a product based view or the view via an entrepreneurs journey point of view."

Packaging News, Clifton Packaging Group LTD.

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